Every aspect of our office is designed to make kids feel comfortable and relaxed during their visit. Upon being greeted by one of our kid friendly staff members, our little patients’ first view of the clinic starts with our enormous prize wall! This serves as reward system for our patients and gives them something to look forward to after their appointment. Each of our exam benches has a TV mounted from above to allow your little one some distraction during their cleaning. Our wide variety of movies and shows are sure to help your child feel relaxed. While we provide the TVs to aid in distraction during the appointment, we completely understand and respect any family’s wishes to decline TV during the appointment. What really makes the office a great place for kids is the staff! Everyone in the office is trained to prioritize making our little patients feel at home from the moment they come in until they’re picking out their prize after the appointment. Parents are always welcome in the back for all appointments, and we encourage parental engagement in your child’s dental care.

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