Dr. Landon Heckman and our team perform infant exams to ensure your baby’s oral health is in good shape. Our dentist, Dr. Heckman, will examine your infant’s mouth and any teeth they may have. Our dental team will also do what they can to help treat any issues they may have and help you maintain their health.

When you bring in your infant for an evaluation, we will complete a thorough examination of the head and neck for any abnormalities in size, shape and symmetry of the head. We will also check their lymph nodes, eyes, ears, nose, lips and mouth. After we have completed those checks, we will examine the interior of your infant’s mouth for any cysts, clefts, ulcerations, tongue lacerations and gingivitis. We will also check your infant’s jaw for any dental abnormalities that we can correct. We will also check for any abnormalities that may arise due to your family’s medical history, the child’s feeding history and any abnormalities that may arise due to your infant’s development history.

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